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My 1978 Audi 80 GLS

It all started with a friend in the US giving me his 1978 Fox GTI to restore. I started arranging the transport of the car to Holland and researching the type 82 Audi 80. A brief look in ETKA told me that virtually nothing for this car can be found at the dealership and years of looking for Audi spare parts had taught me that you don't find a lot of type 82 spares in Holland.

Therefore, I decided to look for a parts car to break for spares. A suitable donor was found on the Internet in the form of a basically solid '78 80 GLS automatic for sale cheaply in Dortmund. The car was reported to be 'fahrbereit' but turned out to be trailer material only. When I got the car home, I was immediately struck by its excellent and rust-free (if dirty) condition and its low mileage, 84.900 km. I decided to clean it up a little and after a couple of hours' work I had a superb-looking GLS! The interior was great, the rear seat looked like it had never been sat on, the spare wheel and tool kit had never been used. A radio had never been fitted. Sentiments now took over from common sense, I couldn't kill such a rust-free and nice car. It needed a new alternator and some small fixes, but it's basically in good shape apart from a rather noisy differential which has been run dry. I'm going to keep this car, replace the automatic transmission and import it in Holland. Next to the Fox GTI and my daily drivers (1987 80 and 1988 90 quattro) the GLS is a unique time machine.

1978 Audi 80 GLS 1.6 75 PS automatic (YN engine)
Manila green, Sand interior
84.900 km
EZ 14-3-78
3rd owner from new
no options

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