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Der Audi 80 - Typ 82 Inhaltsverzeichnis
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1977 Audi 80 LS

Audi 80 LS 1977

OK, I needed yet another type 82 like I needed a hole in my head.

Still, when I noticed this car attending a local classic car meeting here in town and learnt that it might be for sale later, I couldn't resist it.

As you can see from the specs it's a low mileage car, with a local history. The first owner put most of the mileage on it, passing it on to another classic car lover when he got too old to drive the car. He made the new owner promise that he wouldn't scrap it but sell it to someone who would take care of it. He also wanted a last ride in the car when it turned 25. The owner was into old Fiats and while he found the Audi charming he didn't really love it. He drove it for less than 100 km during the period that he had it.

So when the opportunity arose I bought the car for a very reasonable sum. It's had an immobilizer fitted, also new copper brake lines front to back and all-new brake bits as well as a recon alternator.

This is the car I intend to take to Club meetings here in Holland (I've been urging other Club members to bring their classic Audis to meetings because I've gotten tired of looking at A4s, but you've got to practice what you preach...) and I've been driving it over longer distances in the last couple of weeks.

The interior has suffered more than its share of UV radiation over the years, the rear seat's backrest had about 15 cm of upholstery missing when I got the car. I've since replaced it with a slightly better seat, but I'm on the lookout for a really good example. Also, that nice Becker radio isn't working. I've bought the correct Hirschmann antenna but it needs fitting and probably a new dash speaker.
There's a small rust hole in the boot floor as well as some rust in the rear wheelarches that needs remedying. When I get that done I'll probably have it partially resprayed. The clock isn't working right now, any tips for fixing it or is it easier to look out for a new dash? A new exhaust's coming in the near future, as this one has a slight leak. The automatic transmission as well as the engine are in fine shape, having covered few km.
I'll have the air filter housing media blasted and powder coated, as well as the wheels. All chrome is in great condition, very shiny and rust free.

Audi 80 LS 1977

I love this car!

1977 Audi 80 LS 1.6 75 PS automatic (YN engine)
Reseda green metallic, Linden interior
74.900 km
EZ 6-10-77
3rd owner from new
options: Becker Europa radio, cigar lighter

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