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My 1978 80 GLX

Audi 80 GLX

After deciding to keep the GLS, I started looking for a parts car for my (soon to be) two type 82s. The Internet came to the rescue again- one 1978 80 GLX for autocross or parts, cheap and even in Holland!


I drove to the seller's home and decided that the car was rusty but basically sound and the engine ran great. It came with a huge load of spares, a great bonus. I drove it home and noticed that apart from the rust and some attention to brakes and exhaust, this was an excellent driver. The interior, underneath all the dirt (it had been standing in a haystack for 5 years!) was in excellent shape and the car was complete with its owner's manual and service booklet. It's done 186.000 km but the engine is in great shape. After some research, I found out that the GLX is a run-out model sold just before the type 81 was introduced, and that the remaining three GLXes in Holland were all silver, the other of the two available colours. Another rare car... I've decided to keep it if I can find the body parts it needs (one front wing, front doors, rear wheelarches) and restore it for use as an everyday car.

The story's not over yet... I've been offered a 1977 80 LS 1.6 automatic two-door in Reseda with only 74.000 km and in great shape... and it's cheap! Do I need a third (fourth) type 82, or a sixth car? Probably not. Do I want it? You bet!

1978 Audi 80 GLX 1.6 75 PS (YN engine)
Indiana red metallic with brown corduroy interior
186.000 km
EZ 19-5-78
4rd owner from new
tow bar, dealer-fitted from new

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